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Created by @ncasenmare with Craftyy
Freesound for sound effects
Tzolkine for win/lose screens
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One year ago,

I experimented with HTML5, a set of new web technologies.
But I had been making Flash games for half a decade, no way I would leave all that behind for some unproven technology!

One year later, I left all that behind for some unproven technology.
Now, I'm even creating a game creation platform in HTML5 codenamed Craftyy . (Which Peep Joust was made in!)

One criticism of HTML5 is that it's too easy to hack - but I think that's not a bug, it's a feature. It means it's now as easy to create & remix games as it is to play them. Actually, playing might be the hardest part.

As thanks for putting up with my wall of text, here's some interesting links!

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My first HTML5 game

Thank you all so much!
~ Nick